It Holds Up: Arcade Fire – ‘The Suburbs’

Music The Editor August 14, 2019

In this edition of "It Holds Up", Sarah Knoll argues that Arcade Fire's album 'The Suburbs' serves as a historical relic, not only in the musical sphere but the cultural sphere as a whole. With dense, metaphoric lyricism and witty songwriting, Arcade Fire made an album that stands the test of time.

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Op-Ed: Riot Grrrl Resurgence: Bikini Kill Reunion

Music admin February 5, 2019

If the return of nostalgic 90’s fashion hasn’t quenched your throwback thirst yet, Bikini Kill’s return to the stage should do the trick. The 90’s riot grrrl punk band, Bikini Kill just announced that they are reuniting. Sarah wrote about their history and their message.

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Please, Wake Up

Op-Ed admin January 3, 2019

Henderson lost a friend to an overdose; something that is happening to people across the country far too often. He wrote about why it happens and how much it sucks.

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