Album Review: Sinai Vessel – ‘Ground Aswim’

Music admin November 17, 2020

This is an album that deals with the visceral malaise ingrained in our very existence and looks at it from all angles. You can hear the songwriter, Caleb Cordes achieving epiphanies or reaching a breaking point in nearly every track, and his songwriting feels truly unique. 

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Album Review: The Mountain Goats – ‘Getting Into Knives’

Music admin November 16, 2020

In his long career, John Darnielle’s greatest strength has been his ability to sing from the perspective of characters who may be nothing like him and make it believable. On the Mountain Goats' latest album, their 12th as a full band, and 19th overall, Darnielle casts himself in his strangest roles yet. The result is some of the best songs of his career.

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Album Review: The Big Easy – ‘A Long Year’

Music admin November 11, 2020

The Big Easy are the house band playing weekly in the dive bar of my dreams. On A Long Year, the struggle to make it through each situation is presented so physically you can’t help but let the dirty, over-torqued guitars wash over you and just… deal with it. But, you deal with it by dancing.

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