dead selves

Dead Selves and the Intense Backstory of Writing “Ridgeview”

The Editor

The Atlanta rock band's frontman Zack Fowler shares how a botched New Year's Eve inspired the song, on a new episode of Get Involved.

Artist Interview: Onelinedrawing

The Editor

We caught up with Onelinedrawing, aka Jonah Matranga, to discuss his new LP 'Tenderwild,' his thirty-year history in the music scene, and the power of collaboration. 

liquid playboys

Video Interview: Liquid Playboys Turns a Bus Crash Into A Musical Boon

The Editor

Berlin-based musician José Díaz Rohena, aka Liquid Playboys, guests on a new episode of our music talk show Get Involved.

Interview and Video Premiere: Probleman

The Editor

Probleman is a sort of supergroup in the Norwegian emo...

Artist Interview: Kevin Klein of Valleyheart

The Editor

On 'Heal My Head,' Valleyheart makes an entire record out of the moment before climax. Frontman Kevin Klein speaks with The Alternative about his band's sophomore LP, out June 3 on Tooth and Nail.

the pile

Video Interview: The Pile Talk Slap Bass and Shakespeare

The Editor

The cross-country musical duo The Pile talk about how a misheard line from a play and a taste for slap bass combined to influence their two-part single "The Crab."

Artist Interview: Erik Garlington of Proper.

The Editor

Forget anything you know about Proper. They’re not that band...

Artist Interview: Bread Pilot

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When Double Double Whammy signs a band, The Alternative listens–they’ve...

Artist Interview: Brian McTernan of Be Well

The Editor

Brian McTernan of Be Well discusses his career in production and his band's new EP 'Hello Sun'

Track by Track: Safari Room – ‘Complex House Plants’

The Editor

Nashville chamber pop trio Safari Room breaks down every song on their new LP 'Complex House Plants'

maneka at live show

Video Interview: Maneka Has Clear Eyes, A Full Heart, and Can’t Lose

The Editor

Talking between-show banter and Friday Night Lights with experimental rocker Devin McKnight.

Track by Track: Sister Ray – ‘Communion’

The Editor

Communion shares much in common with the work of Big Thief–Ella...