Album Review: Oso Oso – Basking In The Glow

Music admin September 16, 2019

Oso Oso has patented a sound that always feels comfortable to listen to. Whether you’ve been indulging in their music nonstop, or take a break and come back to enjoy it again, every Oso record is familiarly pleasant.The newest release from Jade Lilitri’s project is another homerun example of this phenomenon.

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Track Review: Save Face – ‘Bummer’

Music admin August 28, 2019

The current state of the union may be a bummer, but the new track from Jersey’s Save Face of the same name is far from it. Save Face just dropped their new track "Bummer" from their upcoming split with Grad Life, and the music video is packed to the gills with artists from throughout the DIY and emo music worlds.

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Album Review: Taylor Swift – ‘Lover’

Music admin August 26, 2019

Unlike Taylor Swift’s past work, it is without a doubt that Lover breaks the chains that had been cuffed to her for so many years. Instead of records controlling her, she is taking back her freedom and vulnerability as an artist and as a woman, and crucially doing so in a way that comes across organic and personable to her - a journey of self-care and brighter visions of color.

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Track Review: GILT – “Visitation”

Music The Editor August 26, 2019

As the saying goes, "pain is a catalyst for growth" and Florida-based, queer, sadcore group GILT knows that. Their newest single, "Visitation", explores the definition of loss in its entirety. Check out Hope's review of the track.

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EP Review: The Gulps – ‘ In The Kings House’

Music The Editor August 16, 2019

Being a five-piece power punk act from London, The Gulps are a breath of fresh air in a scene bogged down with imitators and echoes, lacking the verve to stand apart. This is only elevated through the attitude and vigor of their latest EP, 'In The Kings House' that dropped in April. Read Hope's review.

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