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The Alt Weekly Roundup (8/10)

Music The Editor August 10, 2020

A highlight from a Blink-182 covers comp, the glimmering return of bedbug, and the great new Tough Age record were among our staff's favorites from last week. Check out all eight new releases that we deem 'must-hear':

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Transatlantic Trawler: Volume 1

Music admin July 15, 2020

There is so much great music in the world! After the success of Keegan's monthly Friendship International column that highlights the best new Asian rock, Conor has started his own version to discuss his favorite bands from continental Europe. Take a listen and find some gems.

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Friendship International Vol. 7

Music The Editor July 2, 2020

Welcome back to Friendship International, our deep dive into the best new DIY, underground, and independent music from Asia. We've returned with a new schedule and whole new hardcore-specific edition. Get into it.

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The 75 Best Releases of 2020 So Far

Featured admin June 16, 2020

2020 has not been a good year. There have been so many dark things going on that its hard to discuss music at all. But in art there's hope for change, or at the very least the pleasant distraction needed to relax and recharge to continue the fight tomorrow. With that in mind, we have listed our favorite releases of the year so far.

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Track Review: The OBGMs – “Cash”

Music admin May 14, 2020

This past Friday, the OBGMs (short for The oOoh Baby Gimme Mores) a Toronto punk three piece released the mic-throttling,  “Cash,” their first new music in three years, and it begs to be screamed into faces everywhere.

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It Holds Up: Letlive – ‘Fake History’ (2010)

Music admin April 29, 2020

It’s hard to overstate how stale the post-hardcore/metalcore scene had gotten by 2010. It was like focus group metalcore, designed to pull the biggest crowds at the Warped Tour that year, all sounding the same, all looking the same, all about the same things, then there was Letlive. Zac discusses why letlive's album 'Fake History' still holds up

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