Guest Post: Haunt Dog’s Top 10 DIY Emo Bands You Oughta Check Out

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Hey all, Dusty from Haunt Dog here very happily promoting some bands I really believe in. If you like what you hear, also check out my band! I’ll be including a playlist of some of these artists as well below. 

10. Skimp

We all remember Two Knights, the absolute powerhouse of a mathy two-piece from Denton, TX. Parker and Miles have been nothing short of huge contributors to numerous projects over the years in their local Texas scene. The newest of which is Skimp, a sludgy experimental flavor of emo that pushes the envelope on genres that have previously been more often than not untouched. It’s extremely reminiscent of moody ’90s proto-emo like Rodan. 

Fav song: “Hey Alright”


9. Quarter Conscious

California never struck me as a place that brews twinkles in the capacity that the east coast notoriously has for the past 10 years. Quarter Conscious has proved me wrong FAST and unapologetically with their debut EP Strong Ends, a heavily rhythmic release from a two-piece out of Roseville/Berkeley. Throwing all the curveballs that Origami Angel had under their belt in their prime, sparing the lightheartedness, Strong Ends replaces it all with a zesty dollop of angst. 

Fav song: “Reconstructor”


8. Gabba Ghoul

New Brunswick, NJ, has been a haven of incredible artists for generations, setting brick after brick in the wall of influence over the DIY community. Gabba Ghoul is a big and sturdy brick. Using dancing guitar work from our forefathers like Invalids and Piglet but with undertones and notes of post hardcore, they’ve tippy-tapped their way into hometown hero status and it’s well deserved.

Fav song: “Jesus Shaves”


7. MooseCreek Park

Long Island is a well established emo hot spot right now. MooseCreek Park is arguably the most dedicated and hardworking group from the area, and it really shows. They write fun riffs, they are fun people, they bring the life everywhere they go, and they have been nothing short of the kindest and most supportive people I’ve seen. Big things are coming for this band and you shouldn’t sleep on them. 

Fav song: “East Coast Emo”


6. Audrey Heartburn

NYC twinkles making their debut this past Christmas, they have one song. It’s really really good. I really love this song. The production is scraggly and fun, the vocals are thin and nostalgic, the percussion section is bouncy and active. I want them to put more music out like yesterday. 

Fav song: “Take Me With You”


5. Excuse Me Who Are You?

Midwest Emo from… the MIDWEST. EMWAY is dishing crashing guitar riffs and screaming vocals that make you remember that time you were by yourself at a party having one or two too many PBRs and thinking about people you haven’t talked to in a long long time. People are talking about this band–and with good reason.

Fav song: “In the Test Chamber”


4. Odd Polly

Remember Trailer Park Boys? Anyway, Albertville Alabama has bred a y’alternative band that metaphorically slaps the mouths of anyone that says southerners don’t have feelings. “Alison” is a lo-fi bop bringing chords and an urgent momentum. 

Fav song: “Alison”


3. Jam Poetry

NYC’s sweetest sweethearts, Jam Poetry is a 3-piece that have thrown two bangers our way in the recent weeks and are teasing us with their first EP Your Friends, expected to release Feb 3rd and that’s the best early birthday present a girl like me could ask for. These kids are gonna make you laugh and cry and the same time so don’t sleep on ‘em.

Fav song: “Someone Stole My Honda Civic”


2. Bully Maguire

Massachusetts has harbored some pretty epic bands over the years. We got Pile, Krill, and now Bully Maguire. They power through poppy riffs with sad undertones that make you close your eyes and think of that ominous photo of a pizza being served while also getting you so hyped that you run through a wall. 

Fav song: “The Yassification of Aunt May”


1. Bubblewrap Princess

And last but not least, holy cow, these kids rock. Philadelphia’s most epic up-and-coming sad-kid trio, Bubblewrap Princess has generated banger after banger. They are the modern Cap’n Jazz, and I would never say that lightly. They put you in a place where you’re standing in the corner of a dark gymnasium after being stood up by your prom date and then you get jumped by an out-of-pocket d-beat section. I love them with my whole heart. 

Fav song: “Green Teeth”

Dusty Horvath / @hauntdogphl

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