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Recommendation: SIXES – ‘Champ’

Music admin April 26, 2019

SIXES is a trio out of San Diego playing a brand of garage rock that draws heavily on early punk and hardcore music and is laced with a tinge of poppy soul. SIXES is definitely also for fans of “surfy indie punk” like Wavves and even early Arctic Monkey’s albums.

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Recommendation: Warrington – ‘Born Mistake’

Music admin April 18, 2019

Warrington is Sawyer Camden, a musician/songwriter from Chesapeake, VA. Sawyer is a DIY music vet. He's been performing solo music since 2011 as well as in various bands. Through all these years, Sawyer has developed his songwriting and voice, and his most recent release with Warrington, 'Born Mistake', is a culmination of those efforts. 

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Op-Ed: Riot Grrrl Resurgence: Bikini Kill Reunion

Music admin February 5, 2019

If the return of nostalgic 90’s fashion hasn’t quenched your throwback thirst yet, Bikini Kill’s return to the stage should do the trick. The 90’s riot grrrl punk band, Bikini Kill just announced that they are reuniting. Sarah wrote about their history and their message.

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