Self Defense Family

Self Defense Family – ‘Heaven Is Earth’ Review

Music Sean Gonzalez June 26, 2015

Four different engineers, eight emotional tracks and 32 minutes of time make up Heaven Is Earth. For fans of the band, this album is not a far away from their previous work. The visceral appeal on some spots offer parts to rally behind. The music is always on point, blending various moods and instruments into songs that feel as destructive as they do pessimistic.

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Self Defense Family – “Duets” Review

Music Sean Gonzalez October 2, 2014

Self Defense Family has released an EP of duets between Corrigan and lead vocalist, Patrick Kindlon. Duets is more an alternative country/folk EP and perhaps still as stunning. 'The Way Out Is Back' has impeccable instrumentation. The amount of guitars and their different melodies sonically is beautiful. Not to mention the light and approachable voice of Corrigan, with Kindlon's soft rasp. 

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