Self Defense Family – “Duets” Review

Posted: by Sean Gonzalez

STREAM Duets while you read!

STREAM Duets while you read!

When Self Defense Family unveiled their LP Try Me earlier this year, it was to a sensitive yet beautiful shock on fans. The album featured two long and in depth interviews with porn star Angelique Bernstein. The album’s music and content centered around parts of her life and wove back and forth with repetitive yet catchy songs. Hell, I even wrote a review for it earlier this year (although I have since honed my skills at talking about music, I hope). To get to the point, one of the songs I enjoyed the most was ‘Mistress Appears At Funeral’ because of the female guest vocalist, Caroline Corrigan.

Now Self Defense Family has released an EP of duets between Corrigan and lead vocalist, Patrick Kindlon. Duets is more an alternative country/folk EP and perhaps still as stunning. ‘The Way Out Is Back’ has impeccable instrumentation. The amount of guitars and their different melodies sonically is beautiful. Not to mention the light and approachable voice of Corrigan, with Kindlon’s soft rasp. Their harmonizing is dissonant yet incredible. ‘Been Passed On’ is more straight forward with guitar chords, mainly being pushed on by the vocalists, which may be the only harming thing of this EP.

This band has always focused on emotions being heavy rather than their sound, and have made it work over the years. When their are melodies gliding around the mix from the guitars, it makes a song even more memorable. ‘Location Scout’ has the arpeggiated notes keeping the song’s progression lively, especially around the 1:17 mark. ‘Incoming Calls’ features Kindlon’s all but recognizable yells piercing the music. Even with a softer instrumental approach, he has a way of making a Self Defense Family song a Self Defense Family song.

Let us not forget about Caroline Corrigan either. She has lent her voice to a few songs for the band earlier, but this collaboration gives the band an even greater stun to their music. Her vocals just match the depressing and defeatist view of ‘Cancel Man.’ Maybe she can become a full time member, maybe her approach just matches Kindlon perfectly and they are the next dynamic duo. It’s no doubt that Duets will receive a high amount of appraise, which it should. Take a listen and find out how awesome this is.

– Sean