A Multitude Of Album Releases on June 30th

Posted: by Sean Gonzalez

Yesterday was an insane day for the community and the scene. A plethora of fantastic albums were released from all around the alternative scope of music. Here is an article telling everyone what was released and just exactly how awesome it is (in as few sentences as possible). 

Mutoid Man – Bleeder

Combining alternative rock with the aesthetic of hardcore attitudes is the debut album by Mutoid Man. Combining members from Converge and Cave In (two insane bands that debuted in the 90s), this album absolutely shreds. The bass presence is phenomenal and the drums are as spastic, almost seizure like. Go find this and scare your friends with it.

Being As An Ocean – Being As An Ocean

I will be honest, I have found a majority of this band’s work not as exciting as many others have. This album I think finally blends every influence these guys have into one cohesive album. The cleans are poppy but not over produced, Joel’s screams are at their best and the music is not suppressed under the ambiance as the last album was. The build ups actually have release points.

Self Defense Family – Heaven Is Earth

What is it these guys cannot do? Every release is getting more accurate in the emotions the band is trying to convey. This dark album is not as repetitive as Try Me felt, instead using a more poignant delivery with a insecure bite to our feelings. Well done.

alone. – Somewhere In The Sierras

I have already said to much about this album. Make sure to listen to it regardless.

Northbound – Death Of A Slug

Pop-punk made an exit wound in my heart after listening to this. What I mean is I felt reignited by the genre because of how ambitious and lively this record is. Jonathan Fraser is definitely someone to be keeping an eye out for as the years progress. He can only continue to shatter my heart.

Refused – Freedom

(Insert a joke about Refused not being fucking dead here). Well, they came back with as much energy and passion as The Shape Of Punk To Come left us with. Their overall style of writing has not changed, which leaves me with a good taste in my mouth as this album was streaming the past week. Epitaph Records has been on a positive roll this year. 

Man Overboard – Heavy Love

Yet another pop-punk album that blew away any previous misconceptions on what these guys could do. The release date is just in time as Warped Tour is in full swing. Who doesn’t love rolling their windows down and shouting lyrics with genius level catchy hooks embracing our ears? Let your voice go!

August Burns Red – Found In Far Away Places

… I mean, it is the same thing we have been offered in the past six years. The formula has been forming mosh pits around hope and positive influence for as long as I can remember. Their talent has never been in question and neither has their message. Glad these guys can still bang out as hard as they do.

Did we miss anything? Let us know! Make sure to check out these bangers as soon as possible! What a great day for my ears.