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My Son The Doctor are part of a raucous and ever-growing scene of NYC-based rock bands bringing a shitload of good old fashioned fun to various boroughs’ stages. Snappy tunes, light on-stage roughhousing, and lots of opportunities to dance are all on the menu at a My Son The Doctor show; after seeing them play on the bill with previous Rock New York guests Mary Shelley, I knew an interview with them was extremely necessary.

So I got to chat with the band as they awaited their opening slot at Our Wicked Lady’s Winter Madness battle-of-the-bands style show. Bassist Matt Nitzberg, singer Brian Hemmert, guitarist Joel Kalow and drummer John Mason were all in good spirits as they explained their origins (three of the band members went to high school together), their pre-show ritual (chugging Red Bull and slapping each other in the face), and how to fix a particularly pesky drum fill (I’ll let John take that one…watch the video).

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Molly O’Brien | @missmollymary

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