VIDEO INTERVIEW: The Strategic Shenanigans of Mary Shelley

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Two thirds of Brooklyn rock band Mary Shelley were forged in a trial by fire in the form of a New York University alumni talent show in late 2019. With the energy they currently bring to their live shows around New York City, it’s easy to imagine they’d have destroyed any and all competition there, but to hear them tell it, they got smoked by…a magician?

“We got maraudered…massacred,” says Mary Shelley singer/guitarist Jackson Dockery.

“Yeah, he was really good,” drummer Charlie Hull chimes in.

But their unfortunate defeat by magician also united them with bandmate Sam Pinson, whose bass/guitar/vocals prowess officially rounded out Mary Shelley’s lineup and sent them on a path toward their present-day slate of raucous gigs and insouciant punk bops with lyrics about Timothée Chalamet and geriatric romance.

Mary Shelley are part of a flourishing contemporary rock scene in NYC that I wanted to start highlighting in video form in earnest, so I sat down with the band before a recent headlining show at Baby’s All Right in Williamsburg to learn about their origins, pre-show rituals, and possible upcoming singles about going to the beach and seeing a dolphin driving a Mercedes. Watch the video and you will certainly learn more!

Mary Shelley’s Bandcamp is here. Their video visualizer for “Bourgeois De Ville” is here. Additional video footage credits: Gannon Padgett, Leopoldo Pernia, Evan Parker, and Mary Shelley’s Instagram.


Molly O’Brien | @missmollymary

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