Track Premiere: Odd Cadre—’Bossa’s Bomb’

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Odd Cadre press photo

As we’ve reported numerous times throughout the last couple years, Albany, NY is a hotbed for innovative rock music right now. The unassuming Upstate city is a geographical mid-point between the reigning indie hubs of Philly and NYC, and the sounds coming out of there are a sonic intersection of those two scenes. In fact, some of the city’s greatest talents, Jouska (Tiny Engines) and Another Michael, have now migrated over to Eagles country and have—perhaps not literally, but upon assessing the scene from a birds-eye view—become a conduit providing power (artistic influence) to bands like Bruiser and Bicycle and Odd Cadre. The latter, comprised of four high-schooler’s, has been described as the former’s “stoned little cousin,” which is accurate. They’re also the first real product of the Philly-by-NY trading port.

Their debut EP Cabal is out this Friday through Bee Side Cassettes (the label officiating this inter-metropolis trade deal, with a roster of almost exclusively Albany and Philly acts) but its first single “Bossa’s Bomb” is streaming below. The track is a polyamorous marriage between the sonic trends defining the three aforementioned regions; the sudden time changes and blindingly bright strums of Philly’s Palm; the monotone delivery and slowcore via grunge shuffling of NYC’s Peaer; and the Radiohead-indebted, jazzy jaminess of Bruiser & Bicycle—but with a sun-baked outro that’s comparable to none other than Mac Demarco, hence the doped-up analogy.

Cabal is a reasonably messy intro for a group of kids who still can’t legally attend gigs at many of the city’s most popular rock spots (dive bars), but it’s a record that would sound best in a musty, uncomfortably packed basement, anyways. That said, there’s some real wonky stuff going on here, once again proving Albany to be more than a thoroughfare for Big Apple acts. If you’re wise to the sounds of the underground, it’s a destination.

Stream “Bossa’s Bomb” below:

Cabal is out 4/13 via Bee Side Cassettes.

Eli Enis | @eli_enis