Video Premiere: Geoff Gordon—’MHL Jesus’

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In many ways, bad love, the debut mini-album from Albany, NY collective Geoff Gordon, sounds like a musical interpretation of our twenties. It zigzags between the lanes of convention, wavering in a thematic third gear that allows for both zippy, 9 p.m. take-offs and meandering, 3 a.m. trolls around the neighborhood that extend those pre-drop-off conversations. The ones where you finally say the things you’ve been wanting to all night. There’s a blurry, browned-out quality to this project, but the specificity of the lyrics read like the handful of vivid snapshots that you do end up recalling the next day—or the next year. The Christmas gift exchanges with your ex, the outpouring of pent-up emotion during a breakup conversation, and those desperate pleas for affection when you were you so lonely you were willing to change your entire character to meet the expectations of another.

The music video for “MHL Jesus,” the record’s first track, is a document of all the blissed-out moments that often end up overshadowed by the drama in between. The video was directed by one of the group’s vocalist/keyboardists, Shannon Straney, and is literally an assembly of organic footage from a handful of visits with her sister at SUNY Purchase.

“In ‘MHL Jesus’ there’s this idea of repetition and emotion, and the places where they intersect,” she said. “I tried to capture that in the video. There is really no plot or direction, it’s all momentum and manic sentiment and cheap beer, but there’s something relatable there I think.”

It’s a mesmerizing, stylized video that radiates nostalgia in all of its forms. Watch it below:

You can, and should, grab bad love for pay-what-you-want on Bandcamp.

Eli Enis | @eli_enis

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