Track Premiere: Cheem – “Kate”

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Earlier this year we premiered “Spiral”, a song that marked a new direction for CT’s Cheem. The band branched out from a purer form of emo to bring groovy, mathy elements that proved they were here to party. Now with their sophomore album, Downhill, officially announced we bring you yet another dimension of the band.

“Kate” plays like a power pop song, but not a wholly straightforward one. Cheem again shows off their own flare with a lively drumbeat and jangly guitars, which makes the song very danceable. The vocals flow smoothly atop music and the sharing of vocal duties is enough to keep listeners on their feet. “Kate” demonstrates further refinements to the band’s sound as Cheem continues to make the music you can tell they truly want.

Cheem will be playing two shows with Remo Drive on September 9 in Cambridge, MA and September 10 in Middletown, CT. Downhaul will be released on October 6.


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– Scott Fugger