Video Premiere: Cheem – ‘SPIRAL’

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RJ LaRussa

Connecticut’s Cheem are a solid representation of what emo music sounds like in 2017: a lot of different things.

Their 2016 debut record was a relatively straightforward marriage of clean-shaven indie rock and pop-punk-leaning emo, but the band bring together an eclectic array of musical elements on their new single “SPIRAL” that make this a genuinely interesting and undeniably catchy song. The smooth twinkling at the beginning quickly turns from American Football worship into what’s essentially emo-funk, joined effortlessly with lead vocals that shamelessly channel Patrick Stump, and an urgent hook that’s, in true emo fashion, all too relatable.

Don’t let the Fall Out Boy comparison turn you off though. There’re some real tight performances on here and a wonky instrumental section in the middle that’s off-kilter in a way that recalls their East Coast peers in Prince Daddy & the Hyena or Queen Moo. This track alone certainly puts Cheem in the ‘artist to watch’ category.

Check out the official music video below and keep a look out for tour dates and new material later in the year.

Eli Enis | @eli_enis