Track Premiere: Ben & Keely — “Gun”

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Ben Curtright’s been making a name for himself as co-lead vocalist of the slowcore band Goalie’s Anxiety at the Penalty Kick, but a lot has happened in his life since they put out their excellent debut LP. For one, he’s moved to Omaha, Nebraska; for two, he’s started a new project. It’s called Ben & Keely, and it’s not terribly far removed from the languid, meandering indie of his main band.

Today we’re excited to premiere “Gun,” the penultimate track and second single from Ben & Keely’s debut The Tell-Tale Party Noise. About the song, Ben Curtright shares:

I wrote the lyrics and tune, but I think it’s a much more interesting song with Keely singing it. I guess I should have said first that neither of us have any guns and that, I think I can speak for her here, we don’t think personal gun ownership is a good thing. The song is kind of dumb, in that sense. Writing lyrics got a lot easier for me when I gave up the idea that lyrics had to be what you believed, or that they had to mean anything, really. “Gun” is more about the bassline than it is about having a gun or wanting to get one. I think the bassline is really fun, the first good bassline I’ve ever written. And my goal with the song was just to write something that I thought Keely would have fun singing.

Check out “Gun” below.

The Tell-Tale Party Noise is out May 26 via Count Your Lucky Stars.

Zac Djamoos | @gr8whitebison

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