Producer Interview: Jon Markson

Music The Editor August 22, 2023

If you listen to punk or hardcore, there is a good chance you’ve come across one name in the production credits: Jon Markson. Though his work dates from over a decade ago, his imprints can be felt with Drug Church’s breakthrough record, Cheer. Since then, Markson’s profile has only grown, working with bands ranging from Stay Inside to grunge revivalists Soul Blind. Hugo interviewed Jon to speak more about his work and changes within punk music.

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Step 2 Rhythm – January 2022

Music The Editor February 2, 2022

It feels like hardcore is having a moment, and it doesn’t seem like 2022 will be slowing down in any way, so it would only be right for The Alternative to try to catalog some of the best new tracks in the genre. Introducing Hugo Reyes' new column 'Step 2 Rhythm', where you can find all sweet new hardcore and punk rock that you may have missed each month.

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