Album Premiere: Oscar Bait-It’s Not Your Fault

Posted: by The Editor

Though we can never return to melodic hardcore’s heyday in the 2000s, a certain strain has been in vogue recently. It leans alt-rock more than anything else. Though they’ve never moved beyond the local band stage in Chicago, Oscar Bait sits right alongside stuff like Squint and Gumm, to name just a few. You can still mosh hard to certain parts, but it’s still catchy enough to ring in your ears for hours after you hear it. Jim Howes has a clear point of view, making sure the vocals won’t just become background noise. If this is your first time hearing of Oscar Bait, It’s Not Your Fault is a perfect introduction. It is their most refined work, partially helped by the producer Jon Markson, who has become an important figure in the hardcore landscape. We’re pleased to present an exclusive premiere of the EP the day before it comes out below. Listen below and decide if you like it for yourself. 

Hugo Reyes | @hvreyes5

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