Harbor – “Without Colour” Review

Music Sean Gonzalez May 7, 2015

Harbor released their EP Without Color on April 20th. I stated that this band was a shoegaze/post-punk band and that really labels them well, but they do not have to be stuck in this specific genre definition, really they create just simple feel good music.

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Harbor Interview With Manny Davis

Music Sean Gonzalez April 9, 2015

Harbor is a shoegaze/post-rock/whatever you want to call it because it's good, band from California. I actually met the bass player on a forum that Jason Butler was holding over the internet one day to bring the fan base together. Ever since, he and I have pal'ed around on the internet, and he is a down to earth guy. Anyways, I chatted with him about their new EP and how life is in general. Read our discussion! 

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