Harbor Interview With Manny Davis

Posted: by Sean Gonzalez

CLICK HERE to check out Harbor's music on Bandcamp!

CLICK HERE to check out Harbor’s music on Bandcamp!

Harbor is a shoegaze/post-rock/whatever you want to call it because it’s good, band from California. I actually met the bass player on a forum that Jason Butler was holding over the internet one day to bring the fan base together. Ever since, he and I have pal’ed around on the internet, and he is a down to earth guy. Anyways, I chatted with him about their new EP and how life is in general. Read our discussion below: (This is one of the more lighthearted and funny interviews that brought me a lot of joy).

Sean: Welcome to The Alternative, how are you today?

Manny: I’m doing well today. I’m actually lying in bed so I feel more relaxed than usual.

I just walked into work (I manage a restaurant), got any advice for me today?

My advice would be for you to be a boss-ass bitch if the restaurant ain’t at its peak efficiency. I actually had no idea you were a manager. That’s cool though! 

I just try everyday to do the best I can. So shed some light and details on this EP coming out, Without Colour, what is your role on it?

You gotta keep the good fight going. 

My role in the band (and on the EP) is to make the sickest yet simplest bass riffs that make the bros cry and to reach out to the ladies that aren’t already into post-rock/shoegaze.

What does it mean to you to be without color?

Without Colour isn’t really my idea. It’s really our guitarist Travis’s idea. Both him and our other guitarist Juan write the lyrics. But essentially it covers the concept of something we call “ego death”. 

Ego death huh, do you have any more information on that? It sounds intriguing.

I’ve had the concept explained to me many times but never thought I’d have to tell anyone about it. I’m sure they’ll get mad at me for saying that ego death means exactly what it sounds like. The death of the ego. Haha. 

Being in California I am sure you have played with a variety of bands throughout genres, which are your favorite styles to share a stage with?

Oh yeah. There’s a lot of genres to play with. It’s mostly shitty Metalcore bands down here that act like it’s still 2009/2010. We love playing with our best friends in an “emo” band called Kinda Rad, Kinda Sad. They’re the best. Reggae bands are also prominent throughout SoCal. We’ve played with one called Seedheads a few times though. They were cool (I suppose, haha). Our personal favourite band to play with besides KRKS is a straight up punk band called Lynch The Landlord. Dudes shred hard and are down to earth.  

That’s awesome, I remember the days of being excited for other local bands that you bonded with immediately.

Yeah. It was cool when I was in a metalcore band. But down here, we’re kind of the only ones doing what we do. We’ve also played with a few garage and surf rock bands down here. The bands and their fans were very receptive to us for the most part. It’s tight. So also check out Fake Tides and Bad Kids.They’re the kings…those handsome devils. 

What’s your favorite kind of pizza, including toppings?

I’m a vegetarian, so cheese pizza reigns supreme. But I’ll take some peppers and onions on a pizza. 

What is your take on pokemon?

I used to love Pokemon when I was in 5th grade up until freshman year of high school. I haven’t kept up with Pokemon ever since they released the Pearl and Sapphire games for the DS. I’m really just into music now. Though I’ve gotten into playing Magic The Gathering somewhat. Travis used to hold a D&D session every friday night, but we haven’t played in months since he started working.

I wish I was just into making music, it has been too long. I write every now and then but it’s a process that I can never seem to be fond of for myself. Mainly I hate hate everything I write because I know it can be more inventive or creative but I can never bring that out. It’s is a writer’s block for music I guess.

I feel you with the writer’s block issue. I still face it even when I write stuff for Harbor or my own side project(s). I can relate to it. 

Well what else will we be seeing from Harbor in the coming months?

There isn’t much we can do until June. Half of us live up in SF and got school there. So we’d be doing a lot more if that wasn’t so. Um, we actually have a tour and split to announce. Though again, I might get in trouble for that. But at this point, I really don’t care. Haha. It’s already been out there though, so it’s not that big of a secret anyways.

Oh that’s rad well I hope one day I can see a show, the music is pretty. Do you ever find yourself gazing at your shoes?

Thank you. I hope we can hit up your city or one close to yours. 

I actually have a mini pedal chain now. So the answer would be yes. Haha. 

Thank you for allowing this to happen!