SpaceKid’s Paranormal Corner – Issue 2

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SpaceKid’s Paranormal Corner is our new column where we host true paranormal stories from music fans and people in the music industry. If you have more stories that you think would be good for a future issue, email them to TheAltStaff@gmail (subject line: Paranormal!).

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Crashing At Grandma’s Haunted House

This story happened when my old band, Set to Reflect, was on tour in Texas. We had just finished playing a show and needed a place to stay, so we asked the local bands. (Un)Fortunately, a member of one of the bands said he had a place we could stay. It was his grandmother’s house, and although she had passed away a few months earlier, the power and water in her house were still on. So, we decided sure, why not?

We get to the house, and the guy who let us in told us he needed to leave to go to a party. There was a terrible odor and cobwebs and dust everywhere. We decide to look around and made some strange discoveries. Apparently, there was a child that lived with the grandmother, and this child has some form of facial deformity. That alone wouldn’t be too strange, but there were paintings of the child all over the house. There was even a painting room with carvings of pentagrams in the floor along with other symbols and images. But we had slept in many weird places when on the road, so we figured how bad could it be? Big mistake.

Throughout the night, the power kept turning off, and then back on a few minutes later. Finally, the power cut out completely and we were left sitting in the dark. We decided to stick together, and all six of us head down to the basement to look for the fuse box. When we got down to the dark basement, we were startled to find dead cats littering the basement. We were able to find the fuse box and restore the power, but things were getting very weird at this point.

Despite all of these issues, we were desperate for a place to sleep and shower after so much time on the road, so we decided to stick it out through the night. With the power back on, one of us attempted a shower. However, the water poured out dark brown, so we quickly gave up on that. At this point, some of our band really wanted to leave. Our guitarist Matt was especially freaked out, but we decided we would all find one decent room and sleep there together, then we could leave first thing in the morning.

At this point in my life, I didn’t believe in ghosts or spirits, so as gross as this house was, I refused to afraid or let it chase me out to sleep in the van. However, this next part changed my mind forever. We were all laying in the one large room trying to sleep under a fan to keep cool. The fan was going on high speed, and then even though the power was still on it suddenly stopped completely, and wouldn’t turn back on. Not wanting to cause some sort of electrical fire, we turned the fan off and went back to sleep. But then, in the middle of the night we all woke up to the sound of crying, then the power in the whole house cut off once again, and then despite the lack of power and being turned off, the fan somehow turned back on to full speed.

We all jumped up screaming and ran to the van, and drove off hoping to never think of that house again. However, we had not quite escaped. Our merch guy, had been intrigued by the strange paintings of the strange child, and had stolen one from the abandoned house. The day our van’s engine died leaving us stuck in California for eight days. We couldn’t help but all blame the cursed painting from that haunted house. Moral of the story: don’t stay in a dead grandma’s house.

– Will Green (Full Blown Meltdown)

This story takes place back when I was in 6th grade. I lived in suburban South Jersey at the time, and my school went on a week-long Halloween field trip to the camp at Mount Misery in the Pine Barrens. Of course, with it being the Pine Barrens there was the usual talk about seeing the Jersey Devil. All of this spooky talk made me excited, because even at the time I was a nerdy paranormal-loving kid.

Once we had arrived, there were a bunch of different activities, one of them being a night walk. We split into groups, one teacher or counselor and a couple of kids per group, and then all set out into the night deep in the Pine Barrens.

It was on this night walk that I saw the UFO. It was big, about the size of my thumb with my arm outstretched, and it was hovering just above the tree line. It was an oval, white in the center and tapering off to a yellow color at the six concave equidistant points radiating from it, two vertical, four diagonal.

It stayed hovering in the spot for about fifteen seconds, and then suddenly it zipped away. It wasn’t just me that had witnessed it either. Our entire group had seen it including the teacher. The teacher dismissed it as a flare, but I have never seen a flare hover like that, or fly away. We could tell that the teacher was nervous about it, and some of the kids began to get scared, but I was more just amazed. The UFO didn’t flicker or have any variation is how the lights shone down on us, like a flare may have. This was something special.

I still don’t know exactly what it was that I saw that night, but I have been thinking back on it ever since. I even wrote a song about it recently called “The Sighting”. Maybe one day I will see it again.

– Michael Fiolo-Miller (Faustbot)

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