ICYMI: Five Stream-Worthy Songs You Might’ve Overlooked

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The last couple months have bred a truly plentiful number of fantastic songs. At least musically, 2018 is already outweighing 2017, and here’re five examples from the last few weeks alone that prove why:

turtlenecked underwear


Portland songster Turtlenecked dropped one of the most underrated garage rock records of last year, and he’s already gearing up to release its genre-bending, freak-pop follow-up High Scores Of The Heart this April. “Underwear” is the project’s first single and it’s the smoothest, most electronically-based Turtlenecked song yet. Think new Porches, but good. Humorous, charmingly angsty and hella catchy. Stream it here via Stereogum.



If you haven’t heard the multi-national, internet-formed, eight-piece pop-splosion Superorganism yet…here’s your chance. The group just released their debut full-length earlier this month that melds the experimental fun-ness of Kero Kero Bonito, the clever pseudo-pop of Sidney Gish, the comforting daziness of Courtney Barnett and the rallying fervor of The Go! Team into something entirely unique and overwhelmingly enjoyable. “Sprorgnsm” is their cheeky take on the title-track idiom, and it’s a great sampling of what the record offers.

comfy thanks for the ride


Utica, NY-by-Philly garage-pop band Comfy just released their long-awaited sophomore album Thanks for the Ride last week. It’s one of those Bandcamp nuggets that would resonate with an arena’s worth of ears if it were pushed properly, and “Ketchup” is a nice representation of what the nine-track opus contains. Punchy rhythms, earwormy licks, bright harmonies and unexpectedly tight shreds of guitar. It’s a delight.

cave people kingfisher

Cave People—”Mouth”

A couple weeks back we premiered the first single from Cave People‘s upcoming EP Kingfisher, and yesterday they released a music video for its second single, “Mouth.” Much like “Wait,” this one starts out slow and somber before building into something grander and…still pretty somber. As opposed to Dave Tomaine’s  very Jacob Ewald-ian delivery on “Wait,” this time around he employs the wavering timidness of Told Slant, the cooing synth line beginning to flutter as the rhythm section gradually climbs. It’s a truly beautiful dynamic and yet another stellar track from this four-song project.

jouska from elson to emmet


Jouska are another upstate NY band who’ve migrated to Philly within the last year, and last week they dropped From Elson to Emmett via Tiny Engines, their also-long-awaited follow-up to 2016’s TopiaryIt’s just four songs, but it spans nearly 25 minutes, and opener “Calico” is one that exhibits how utterly quiet and fucking loud they can be within the span of a single song. Anyone with a tangential interest in the swells that Foxing and TWIABP churn out need to give this band their full attention.

Eli Enis | @eli_enis

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