Track Premiere: Cave People—’Wait’

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Cave People‘s forthcoming EP Kingfisher is very Northeastern sounding. Both in its sonic references (a Jacob Ewald-ian vocal delivery, Wild Pink-ish pacing, and TWIABP-esque swells) and its tonal middle-ground between brisk and pleasantly warm. Songwriter Dave Tomaine brought in Philly friends from Spirit of the Beehive and Cherry for this one, and “Wait,” the project’s first single that we’re premiering below, earns the dignity of its personnel.

The track evokes the feeling of gazing out the passenger window of a moving car, but at that point in the ride when you’ve been on the highway so long that your 70-mph acceleration feels like 30. The scenery passes by at a consistent pace and you begin to zone out. However, the track picks up near its second-half when the drums kick in harder and some “oo-oo” harmonies are joined by a loud, discordant yet oddly unobtrusive scream. A lot happens in this song despite it not even hitting the three-minute mark, which seems to be Cave People’s forte.

Stream it below:

Kingfisher is out 4/6 via Stereophonodon Records.

Eli Enis | @eli_enis

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