Track Premiere: Froggyworm — “Disco Critter”

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The year is 2023. Frat-oriented EDM is making an unexpected (or expected?) comeback. So is “indie sleaze,” as fraught as that term has somehow become. Meanwhile dance floors across the country are teeming with cranked-up creeps who conveniently forgot the definition of the word boundaries somewhere in the middle of the pandemic. What’s to be done? In the case of Vancouver duo froggyworm — that’s Aoife Josie Clements, whose previous work as Ravine Angel was featured in the Alt’s music talk show Get Involved, on production and Magda Baker on vocals — the answer is to write a dance song that inverts the timeworn tradition of the the semi-consensual club anthem.

“This song was inspired by a conversation we’d had about the distinctly incel-ish vibes we caught from a lot of Big Club Jam-type songs, thinking it would be funny to take the sexiest, most danceable beat on our record and set it to lyrics very explicitly from the perspective of a very unsexy, scary, lonely man,” writes froggyworm. “Disco Critter” runs a boom-clap beat, seedy synths and electric guitar underneath lyrics about a first-class ogler. Imagine a bloghouse version of “Rockwell’s “Somebody’s Watching Me” only from the perspective of that “somebody.”  The “Disco Critter” video brings this unsavory character to life through a luridly vignetted lens, taking inspiration from drag and horror films.

We’re premiering “Disco Critter” by froggyworm right here on the Alt — check it out!

froggyworm are self-releasing their first album on November 24 of this year — check out a preview of the tracklist below:

1. Sleepwalking
2. Disco Critter
3. Inner Voyeur
4. Got It Wrong
5. Waiting in the Car
6. Crush Me
7. Froggy Life of Leisure
8. Barbie Swan Lake
9. Atlantis
10. Up Through the Frost

Check out froggyworm’s Linktree here.

Molly O’Brien | @missmollymary

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