Video Interview: Ravine Angel Gets Philosophically Emo

Posted: by The Editor

“Why is it that we have these cyclical fashion cycles on catharsis?” So asks Teague Clements, who records under the name Ravine Angel, on a new episode of Get Involved; Alt video editor Molly Mary O’Brien sat down (virtually…but also physically in a chair on Zoom) with them for the latest edition of The Alternative’s music talk show to discuss emo philosophy, catchy hook supremacy, and feeling fine at the end of the world.

Clements, who releases music as Ravine Angel (after a stint recording as Model Trains), put out the gloriously cathartic and chaotic LP MELTWORLD last summer. MELTWORLD comprises ten tracks of eclectic lo-fi pop, conjuring ’80s New Wave, ’00s electro-goth, and contemporary pop-punk. If that sounds like a lot of hyphens and genre qualifiers…well, it probably is, so sorry about that. But it’s hard to describe Ravine Angel tunes without categorizing their myriad textures and moods, even if they all blend together into a seamless and invigorating listening experience.

Watch the Ravine Angel Get Involved interview to break through the wall of mere genre descriptors. That’s right: it’s time to get abstract!

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Molly O’Brien | @missmollymary

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