Henderson Cole - Managing Editor (Asbury Park)

Henderson started The Alternative as a college radio show. Now it's much more! He handles a lot of the organizing, scheduling, emailing and other fun stuff.

Amanda Starling - Web Development Editor (Tampa)

Amanda handles the web development side of The Alternative. Meaning, she probably built the website you are reading this on right now!

Lindsy Carrasquillo - Playlist Editor (Nashville)

Lindsy takes photos, interviews bands, writes premieres and helps us create other awesome content as well as being an editor. She also curates our New Music Friday playlist.

Zac Djamoos - Weekly Roundup Editor (New Jersey)

Zac has been a long time contributor to The Alternative and over time he has taken a bigger role, reviewing records and running our Weekly Roundup column.

Sarah Knoll - Photography Editor (NYC)

Sarah can be found in the middle of the pit at every show in NYC taking awesome photos. Her photography and interviews and help with editing has taken the site to another level.

Kyle Musser - Photography Editor (New Hampshire)

Kyle revitalized our photography section by shooting tons of shows from all different genres of music. Over the years we've been lucky enough to see his style and skill develop.

Madison Van Houten - Video Editor (Asbury Park)

Madison joined our team and immediately took a big role running our video team and designing art for our site! Now that she's here, the sky is the limit for our YouTube channel.

Molly Mary O'Brien - Video Editor (NYC)

Molly joined our site in 2021 and immediately took a large role producing her video interview series: The Details. She is helping to run and expand our video team and live streaming events.

Brett Shumaker - Live Sessions Booking (Pittsburgh)

Brett (who books Pittsburgh venue, Mr Robot), has taken over the booking for our live sessions as well. He is always looking for great new artists and assembling awesome lineups.

Hugo Reyes - Editor (Chicago)

Hugo is an authority on all things Chicago music and hardcore, 2 things that we needed a lot more of on the site until he showed up. Recently he has taken a larger role as an editor and with his monthly hardcore column, 'Step 2 Rhythm'

Jordan Walsh - Editor (Philadelphia)

Aaron Eisenreich - Editor (Pittsburgh)

Jo - Zine Editor and Merch Manager

Kim Luciano - Social Media Editor (Albany)


Hope Ankley (Atlanta)

Eric Bennett (Pittsburgh)

Michael Brooks - (Indiana)

Keegan Bradford (Portland)

Michelle Bruton (Chicago)

Luke Ferrara (Albany)

Jami Fowler (Kentucky)

Konstantina Buhalis (Michigan)

Tyler Holland (NYC)

Emma Bowers (NYC)

Scott Fugger (Connecticut)

Julia Leiby (Philadelphia)

Steven LaLonde (Montreal)

Chris Burleson (Los Angeles)

Karinn Lane (Philadelphia)

Anne Hurban (Philadelphia)

Joel Funk - (Albany)

Jane Lai - (Brooklyn)