Modern Baseball – ‘Holy Ghost’ Review

Music Morgan May 13, 2016

A record that audiences will be excited to mull over in the coming summer months. While it’s a certainly one of the best albums of 2016 on the first few listens, Holy Ghost has something that makes each new go-around a genuinely rewarding listening experience with new gems and standouts each time.

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Spraynard – ‘Mable’ Review

Music Morgan July 11, 2015

Despite the ever-lurking element of sadness, Mable lacks the cliché pop-punk sad boi routine of whining about women and rejection. It is about being sad, but also being self-aware. There is no glorification in the unhappiness felt.

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Major League – “There’s Nothing Wrong With Me” Review

Music Morgan November 12, 2014

Last January, however, frontman Nick Trask left the band to pursue other ventures. No disrespect to Trask, but since his departure, Major League have experienced a completely positive remodeling. On November 3, Major League dropped its sophomore LP,There’s Nothing Wrong With Me, with Brian Joyce providing vocals in addition to his previous guitar and lyrical work. 

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Beach Slang – “Cheap Thrills On A Dead End Street” Review

Music Morgan October 7, 2014

The punk rock genre has always been a community based on and fueled by turmoil. We take issue with political injustices, bad relationships, and sometimes each other. With all the recent debate concerning a variety of problems including stage diving, the lack of bite in modern punk and the division between genders within the scene, today’s underground music scene appears more disjointed than ever.Beach Slang’s latest EP, Cheap Thrills On A Dead End Street, is a piece of music that serves to remind us of this genre’s solidarity that seems to have gone astray for us today.

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Cayetana – “Nervous Like Me” Album Review

Music Morgan September 15, 2014

This has been an impressive year for Tiny Engines, an indie label operating out of North Carolina. Several of its bands, including the Hotelier, Somos, and Dikembe, have put out spectacular albums all with potential to hold positions in Top 10 lists by the end of this year. On September 9, the all-girl group Cayetana released the newest addition to Tiny Engines’ join growing list of up-and-comers.

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Gaslight Anthem – “Get Hurt” Album Review

Music Morgan August 28, 2014

One of the most obviously important factors in becoming a truly great band is the ability to grow as an artist. It seems that those who evolve past their original sound, even if that sound made them popular initially, are the same bands that are the most revered. One band that has struggled with this, despite its immense talent, is the Gaslight Anthem. These Jersey rockers dropped their newest album, Get Hurt, on August 12 and continued their reign as one of the best rock n’ roll bands of our generation.

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