Gin War – “Piece Of Moon” Review

Posted: by Morgan

When I found out that Gin War was based out of Long Beach Island, I knew immediately I needed to hear this band. The beach community has long been one of my favorite places since I started spending summers down there when I was five years old. 

The trio’s newest release, Piece of Moon, captures the simpler side of the island. Not the weekend warriors carrying armloads of beach gear across streets with reckless abandon. Not the packed seafood restaurants and ice cream shops in late August. Rather, the band’s new EP evokes sweeter memories of walks along the beach at dusk and long drives down Long Beach Boulevard. This strain of indie rock proves well balanced with moments of quiet romance as seen the gossamer “Still Mine” and flashes of pop sensibilities visible in “Can’t Survive”

The common thread of this romanticism makes itself the most obvious in the short, slow burner of “Still Mine,” which shines a spotlight on delicate vocals as its only accompanied by unobtrusive guitar and some other layered voices. It feels homey and just dark enough to avoid feeling gooey. “Can’t Survive” continues the rather intimate nature of the release with breathy vocals that lean heavily on a superb rhythm section. By letting the song to build naturally, Gin War allow themselves to put some weight on the final chorus and bridge for a more powerful closing to the expressive closing track.

On “Cement,” the rocking guitars don’t try to outwork themselves and let Mike Planko’s bass lines show themselves off. A snappy pre chorus lets listeners slide easily into the energetic chorus. Once again, lively drum fills complement every minute detail of the song to kick the EP off on an animated note. Meatier guitars contrast light “woos” and subtle background vocals on “Silent Movie” for a youthful desperation that plays itself out across the entire release. Beginning with a series of giggles and loud guitar, “Trip,” and all its references to Amsterdam, makes up a teenaged cry for something abroad and passionate. A slightly blasé chorus may give audiences pause when working their way through the EP, but the final three tracks are well worth the listen.

If you enjoyed Turnover’s excellent Peripheral Vision, then this new Gin War EP is going to be exactly what you need for your upcoming Thanksgiving break.

Score: 7/10