Album Review: Sum 41 – ’13 Voices’

Music Hannah October 10, 2016

In a scene once and still seemingly saturated by pop-punk Sum 41 took a risk frankensteining genre elements from punk rock and metal, as they have throughout their career. It could have been disastrous ‘loss’, but its tight win.

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Op-Ed: Warped Priorities

Music Hannah July 21, 2016

Hannah discusses her experience volunteering at Warped and why she thinks its time we start to question what Warped Tour is doing to make their festival inclusive for ALL audience members.

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Dikembe – ‘Hail Something’ Review

Music Hannah July 14, 2016

Dikembe are self-releasing their album on their brand new label, Death Protector, providing the freedom and creative control that obviously meant more to them than playing it safe, and it show's in the music. Hail Something is a record that works through life and genres to create a true place of honesty where you can figure out you are something worthy of hailing.

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Broken Beak – ‘Some Nerve’ Review

Music Hannah July 1, 2016

To try to label the record with a genre would discredit how diverse it is. While the songwriting remains unfiltered, at times it finds itself shy and hides between impressive fills courtesy of drummer Jeff Malt and a rhythm so addictive created by bassist Evan Moorehead and guitarist Brendan Lukens that you barely notice the retreat.

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Mental Health Playlist

Music Hannah June 7, 2016

Hannah and Henderson put together a playlist of 15 tracks that help them through their own personal mental health struggles. Take a listen and read why we selected each of the tracks below. We hope these tracks help you as much as they do for us.

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