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Pacific Nature SXSW Showcase

Music admin March 7, 2018

1 of our contributors, Alyx, runs a label, Pacific Nature, and they're putting together their first SXSW showcase, so we're helping him out with unveiling the sweeeeeet lineup along with a playlist of all the bands.

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The Best Music of February 2018

Featured admin March 2, 2018

If January was a month of singles forecasting an incredible year of new music upcoming, than February was a delivery of that promise. So many worthy albums have come out this month that I can barely list them all, let alone write about them. Here's some of our absolute favorites, and a Spotify playlist of all those and more.

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Common Holly Sign To Seal Mountain Records

Music admin March 2, 2018

Montreal's Common Holly is a new indie rock act that combined jagged guitars with smooth welcoming vocals to build a charming debut on her record 'Playing House' in October of 2017. Now, Common Holly have announced that they're signing to Seal Mountain Records, for a vinyl release of the album!

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Pay What You Want

10 Awesome ‘Pay What You Want’ Releases

Featured admin February 25, 2018

Understanding that money can be tight, more and more artists have been releasing their albums for “name your price” on Bandcamp. Downloading these releases for a small donation is a is a great way for fans to support smaller artists. Here are 10 awesome releases from the past six months that are worth your time and money!

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Best Music of January 2018

Music admin January 30, 2018

Each month we put together a writeup and Spotify playlist with all of our favorite music of the month. Check out the best of January, the start of a 2018 full of great new music.

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