Review: Brand New – ‘Science Fiction’

Music admin August 21, 2017

Brand New was able to meet and exceed the challenge of their fan's unreasonable expectations, delivering an album which not only deserves its place within their impeccable discography, but could also easily make a claim to being their best work to date.

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Interview: Turtlenecked

Music admin August 20, 2017

“I’m never going to change my lyrics to just like please the masses. And you can quote me on that when I sell out!” Our interview with the sole songwriter and performer of Turtlenecked, Harrison Smith.

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Track Premiere: All Is Well – “Home”

Music admin August 16, 2017

Grand Rapids, MI has a knack for producing music that's genuinely interesting and lasting. This is certainly the case for melodic post-rock outfit All Is Well and we are very excited to be premiering "Home," the newest track off of their long-awaited debut LP.

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5 Tracks You Should Listen To

Music admin August 15, 2017

Got that Katy Perry album on repeat again? You need a change. Maybe do something you’ve never done before, like a headstand? Or if that’s a little advanced, you could check out these songs I’ve picked out for you.

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