Track Premiere: Origami Angel – “effective. Power”

Music admin June 21, 2018

Origami Angel's last EP, 'Quiet Hours', was the first release from meme-tastic DIY label Chatterbot Records, and now they've teamed up once again and are back for more. As the label has grown over the past year, so has the band, and their new EP Doing The Most is easily their most ambitious. 

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Album Review: Petal – ‘Magic Gone’

Music The Editor June 21, 2018

It’s incredible how some records come out at just the right time. Petal’s Kiley Lotz uses 'Magic Gone' to unfold a three year journey into 38 minutes, just enough time for the listener to become emotionally invested in the whirlwind of beautiful vocals and composition.

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Interview: Luv Dot Gov Discuss Their New LP

Music admin June 18, 2018

Sarah Knoll spoke with local NYC self-defined power-pop band LUV DOT GOV. They just released an album, 'At Least We’ve Got This Madness' on Drink More Records. The band discussed their influences, the music scene in NYC, and their musical origins.

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