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I was first introduced to Karly (vocalist and songwriter of Wednesday) at FEST in 2018, when she grabbed the mic during a special Pictures of Vernon set (in which she was playing keyboards I believe). After taking the mic, Karly declared that the rest of the set would be the first ever show for Diva Sweetly, a band made up of the members of Pictures of Vernon but with her as the vocalist. Not only was it Diva Sweetly’s first show ever, but it was Karly’s first performance as a vocalist ever, and she crushed it. Diva would go on to release their zany but delicious debut, In The Living Room, in early 2019, and all over that album Karly’s wild lyrics and smooth melodies were apparent. Right from the jump, there was something special going on.

Around that same time, Karly began playing with a new project as well, the shoegazey band Wednesday, where her vocals were really able to feature heavily amongst the drawn out tones. After a series of demos and EPs, Wednesday were album to put together a debut LP, I Was Trying To Describe You to Someone, which came out this February, and claimed the title of my new favorite Karly record, and also maybe my album of the year.

Unfortunately, the COVID pandemic has made promoting music extremely difficult, and the excellent record had trouble with it’s release. The original release show, set for March was cancelled, and subsequent attempts were delayed and delayed. Finally now, Wednesday are ready to give their album the release show it deserves.

On November 13th at 8 pm eastern, Wednesday will be live streaming a release show for the record (with opener Zach Romeo). The show will be hosted by Mr. Freds and account that is meant to keep alive the legacy of The Mothlight, a venue from Wednesday’s hometown scene that was unfortunately forced to close due to the pandemic. Wednesday’s performance will actually be the last show ever from their stage.

Tune in this Friday at 8pm for the performance of a life time on YouTube and Instagram. Don’t miss out on the chance.


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Henderson Cole // @HendoSlice

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