The Weak Days + Caracara Tour Announcement

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Cara Days

Excited to announce a sweet Northeast tour with 2 of my favorite bands: The Weak Days and Caracara. They’ll be playing in upstate NY, Long Island, Mass, and Philly, so if you live in those places, mark your calendars. If you don’t, you’ll have to enjoy their awesomeness from the safety of your home via their music (below). These are two of the most exciting new bands, so they’re definitely worth a listen.


📷Mike Newman 

The Weak Days‘ most recent album TIGHT is one of my favorite pop punk releases of the last few years. It hits with an energy that feels like You Blew It! meets Sum 41. Did I mention the incredible features on this thing? Carly Commando, David F. Bello, Dylan Wachman, Andrew “Koji” Shiraki, Chris Farren, Zoe Allaire and many more! If you skipped this record, now’s your chance to make up for that.


📷: Emily Scooby Dubin

Caracara blew me any with their debut record, Summer Megalith in 2017. The wide ranging instrumentals swell to emotional releases creating an album that’s bigger in scope than most emo/indie records. FFO: Foxing, The Shins. These hooks are sticky as hell too, “I am trying /  to be okay / being away from you.” Caracara are a band worth keeping an eye on.

Henderson / @HendoSlice

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