Way out West: Two Moons

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I think one of my favorite aspects of being involved in music at a local and ground level, is seeing my friends’ projects grow and flourish. When I met vocalist and guitarist of Two Moons, Aaron Liu, I didn’t think much of his quiet and reserved demeanor. I didn’t even know he was in a band, let alone what would become one of my favorite bands. When I later learned he was in a band, and then saw them perform, I was stunned. Seeing Liu perform was like watching the birth of a literal star. His sleepy and hushed nature was shed, and I was simply mesmerized by his talent to be quite honest. The way in which he so nonchalantly showcased his ridiculous amount of ability and talent on the guitar was astonishing. Drummer Andrew Massett had a skill in jazz style drumming that I have grown to adore via my own prior training in jazz drumming. This classic and jazz style percussion is what separated the band from the rest of the Portland emo pack for me. To this day, I still champion Massett as (in my opinion), one of the best drummers in Portland. Bassist Michael Bonham only furthered the jazz influence with traditional seductive and groovy basslines that while subtle, surely hold every song together. Obviously, I went home and immediately hunted for their music online. Upon finding their bandcamp, I was actually left confused. Liu’s self recorded and released EPs 1087, Port Strange, and Maldecido (Pt. 1) were stripped down, lo-fi bedroom pop collections of soft, warm, and hazy songs. It became clear to me that this was a band of many talents, but in order to hear them full-band, I would have to see them live.


Fortunately for me- and for you as well, that is no longer the case. This past week, Two Moons released Strings, a full band EP of the jazzy, experimental, indie music I had grown to love in their live performances. Holding on to the passion and skill that have always been present in the project, the band flawlessly transitioned from Liu’s solo bedroom project into a full and fleshed out band. The strong jazz foundation created by Massett and Bonham allows space for Liu’s experimental tangents in his guitar work while the vocals maintain the same soft, introspective, and intimate quality that defines them throughout the band’s work. Two Moons is a band that has distinguished themselves as truly full of talent, unique, and just purely lovely.

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