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Crow Baby 2

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Hailing from Los Angeles, California, Crow Baby is the answer to all of my teenage musical dreams. This band is everything that I love – femme fronted, unapologetic, and catchy as hell. Vocalist and guitarist Caitlin Bartlett has a voice that perfectly expresses the matter-of-fact-ness that her lyrics capture. Taking themes traditionally used in a negative portrayal of women and then redefining those terms and themes for themselves. Providing a perspective their male punk counterparts simply can’t, this 3 piece throws the bullshit back at you and in a tightly wrapped rock and roll package. Their traditional punk sound paves the way for guitarist Delaney Knorr to absolutely shred while bassist Joi Purvy lays down a solid heavy foundation. This band took all the fun and good parts of punk, took out the hypermasculine crud that muddies the waters, added their own personal flair, and what resulted was a masterpiece.

Their long awaited debut EP “Bless This Mess” feels like a finely orchestrated disaster and if I could describe it as a scene in a movie – it would be the very clearly staged messy teen room scene. In a single EP they demonstrate their wide range of skill and ability to tackle multiple different sounds within their overarching traditional punk sound. At times they’re thrashy and a fiery and as effortlessly as they entered, they exit and are doing something entirely different– something soft and sweet. It’s cathartic and and I wish 16 year old me had this music to relate to. Even I didn’t know I needed this EP as much as I did.

**Members of the band also run a super rad zine Thick Thighs Collective – check that out here.

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