Watch Elephant Jake Play “Andy Finally Lost the War with the Disco Beat”

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Elephant Jake

The Alternative is hot on live sessions as of late! We’ve had some great bands coming through and playing our own AGL Sounds sessions. But below we have a live performance of Elephant Jake playing their track “Andy Finally Lost the War with the Disco Beat” in a new live session. The song is a feel good tune that expresses the warmth in company and comes from their recent album Classic.

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“The song’s title comes from the fact that our drummer, Andrew, gets frustrated with us because every time Colin or myself write a song, we suggest a disco beat, and one time he said ‘NO MORE DISCO BEAT!!!!!’ After I sent the band this song in our group chat, Andrew responded with ‘…I think this song needs a…disco beat…’ hence the title. The song is about my struggles of splitting my time between school and touring. Colin and Kyle go to Binghamton University, Andrew goes to Berkelee College of Music, and I go to Stony Brook University. The song expresses my battle between wanting to always be on the road playing shows, and my desire to get my degree. Sometimes, it feels like I’m just biding my time until the next show or tour, and my girlfriend, Miranda, always helps me put things into perspective, evident in the opening lyrics ‘I’m hanging on, hanging on, like you tell me that I should.'”

– Sal Fratto of Elephant Jake

Sean Gonzalez / @SeanTheCaptain

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