Premiere: Halogens Acoustic Session

Posted: by The Editor

We’re excited to be premiering a new set of acoustic sessions from Brick, NJ’s Halogens. Coming off the release of a new single titled “Pretty Enough” Halogens are stripping down their roaring sound for an intimate and heartfelt set of songs.  It’s incredibly compelling that with some acoustic guitars and an electric drum kit, Halogens still convey the same level of emotion and musicality that they would with a full-band performance. The intimate and vulnerable vocal delivery matched with a delectably different use of electric drums in an acoustic session make for an intriguing listen.

Ripping through two unreleased tracks, “O’Gorman” and “Sometimes”, the four-piece are giving fans a taste of a new direction and tying it altogether with “Buckle” off their acoustic split EP with Staten.

View all three videos below:

Jacob Fishman | @jacobafishman

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