Video Premiere: Woozles—’Suburban Oblivion’

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Ironically, it’s the aching boredom and perceived isolation of suburbia that’s effectively catalyzed the creative outputs for so many musicians over the years. Many young people are forced to (by way of their parent’s choice and financial means to live in such an area) come of age in an uneventful township, which breed angst and an intense desire to escape to anywhere else. Those themes are so prevalent throughout rock music that they’ve become ingrained into the culture’s ethos, and Woozles, an indie/emo-pop band from Connecticut, like many of their fore-bearers, continue to search for ways to entertain themselves in middle-class-dom in their video for the aptly titled “Suburban Oblivion.”

Directed by Sabrina Cofer and Nate DiDomizio, the video follows Woozles frontman Conor Ryan and bandmate Sabrina Cofer traversing an all-too-familiar little town, spending the day “smoking” Crayola crayons and jamming out to stay sane. The song definitely has somewhat of an early Front Bottoms vibe to it ; with loose, garagey production, lo-fi horns and a charmingly amateurish take on indie pop.

Check the video below:

“Suburban Oblivion” was included on Woozles’ latest record, Wasted Nights, which Z Tapes released last September.

Eli Enis | @eli_enis

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