Video Premiere: Witchbender—’Crush’

Posted: by The Editor

Witchbender are a rippin’ punk band from Florida that just dropped their certified banger sophomore effort last Friday. The record’s called Crush, and with its mash-up of boot-stomping hardcore and noisy political punk, the name speaks volumes. Below, we’re premiering the badass music video for its minute-and-a-half title track. The high-def short sees what’s presumably the band smooshing a couple dozen types of food in their hands (eggs, donuts, fruit); snapping a vinyl record; and hammering glass fixtures like lightbulbs, an iPad, and a Jesus busk.

According to vocalist Julio Felix, the song is about “the fears and anxieties tied to inter-racial dating (specifically when one partner is white) as a person of color.”

“These relationships come with their uncertainties. ‘Am I being fetishized?’ ‘Am I ‘just a phase?’ ‘What will their parents think?,'” he shared via email.

The song tackles an underrepresented subject in punk music, and the video is an endlessly satisfying visual to de-stress to after a day’s worth of bullshit.

Watch it below:

Crush will see a cassette release via Lil Fat Tapes in the near future.

Eli Enis | @eli_enis

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