Video Premiere: Winnebago Vacation—”Shack”

Posted: by The Editor

The Queens, NY singer/songwriter Eli Frank (they/them) who records as Winnebago Vacation, will release their debut full-length Camp Somewhere on Lonely Ghost RecordsThe lead single for the record, which we’re premiering the music video for below, is a cloudy folk-pop song called “Shack.” The track slowly builds from a muttery, clean guitar song and into a breezy and upward rock track. There are flourishes of percussion and a hazy piano line that nicely contrast Frank’s gloomy vocal delivery, and the video flips between lo-fi and hi-fi shots of them playing and/or staring off atop various buildings; displaying a similar form of contrast to that of the music.

Watch the video (created by Luke Carr) below:

Camp Somewhere is out soon on Lonely Ghost Records

Eli Enis | @eli_enis

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