Video Premiere: Wednesday – “Ghost of a Dog”

Posted: by The Editor

Every week, Wednesday premieres a music video complimenting a song off their new album Twin Plagues which came out last month on Chicago-based label Orindal Records. You may have already caught last week’s home video for “The Burned Down Dairy Queen” fixed in the room of a winter storm or the colorful pastel-like stitched one for “Gary’s” where home videos project onto shadows of what resembles pieces of digitally-shaped play-doh.

Today, The Alternative is excited to premiere Wednesday’s video for “Ghost of a Dog,” a charming and tender pill of how the band journals friendship. It pairs perfectly with the gritty lo-fi recording of the song. Collaging clips of home videos from a porch party, the videographer absorbs everyday detail we don’t have time to scribble down; crumbling potato chips in a fist, shotgunning beers under a sunset, and roasting long green peppers all evoke a feeling of slowing down and letting the noise stew. The intent is admirable, I assume because it’s overwhelmingly personal; moments like crouching down and tying our shoes hold similar importance to a loved one’s wedding or high school graduation.

The video ends with a shot overlooking a twilight horizon, and then zooming away from a full moon that knots the night into one, reminding us to look up every once in a while.

Jane Lai |@soldtogod3000

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