Video Premiere: Watch Bilge Rat Play Two Songs Live

Posted: by The Editor

We’re pleased to bring you two new live videos from the grunge-rock three piece, Bilge Rat. The band performs at Big Nice Studio in Lincoln, Rhode Island, and the aesthetic of the room could not match the band’s sound better. The building’s bricks pair up with low-pass bass tones to exemplify the heavy “chamber grunge” style that the group identifies with. The band is impressively dynamic for operating with only three members, and the rowdy breakdowns of “TI-83” are accompanied by a projection of Super Smash Bros., one of the most manic and exhilarating games around. Bilge Rat exude dirty, raw fun, and these videos are a perfect testament to that.

Based out of New Haven, Connecticut, Bilge Rat is a trio of innovative songwriters that don’t sacrifice the organic energy of their music for anything. Leaning heavily on the fuzz of grunge and the slamming downbeats of alternative rock, Bilge Rat are a dynamic band that are well worth the live experience. Having released their sophomore LP, Pal, in August through Bee Side Cassettes, the group is currently writing their next project, expected to release in 2019.

Watch the vids below:

Luciano Ferrara | @LucianoRFerrara

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