Video Premiere: VVomen – “Cadence and Carousel”

Posted: by Sean Gonzalez


The Alternative is proud to bring forth the music video for “Cadence and Carousel” by VVomen. The song is about a couple’s first dance at their wedding. Filled with wonder, the song displays all the thoughts and feelings present, which include the anxiety of sustainability and providing care. This unease is felt in the track, a post-hardcore song with vocals that shake their way to establishing themselves. VVomen utilize tempo changes to make “Cadence and Carousel” feel like the stream of conscious has been broken, unraveling right there on the floor between the couple’s feet. The song if off the upcoming record, Moving On, out July 21st.

“The intro is based heavily on ‘Shadow Over Innsmouth’ by H.P. Lovecraft which is about a literally underwater village. I was reading a lot of Lovecraft at the time and I just thought it sounded cool. But the rest of the song is about a couples first dance at their wedding (Cadence and Carousel = Rhythm in Circles) and though you’re excited and happy about being married you’re also worried about what you can provide to the relationship. We made the video after we all had just got done watching stranger things and were into the idea of an alternate world and rescuing somebody trapped there. We incorporated the reaper which is an image or figure we have been using since we started.” – Tim Bastiaans (vocals)”

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VVomen – pronounced “wim-in” – is a punk rock band that formed in Marysville, California. VVomen strive to deliver a sound that is free of hip indie strut, depleted of punk condemnation, and absent of emo depression, focusing instead, on more earnest themes. The band consists of guitarist Kyle Hansen, bassist Paul Collier, drummer Allan Leri, and vocalist Tim Bastiaans. Their most recent effort, Moving On, was recorded by Pat Hills at Earth Tone Studios in Sacramento, California. Being music fans themselves, Moving On, aims to deliver the bands take on the urgency of early At the Drive-in mixed with a bit of Jawbreaker. VVomen are currently gearing up to release new music accompanied by a series of videos, followed by a string of dates spread across the west coast.