Video Premiere: Vial – “Or Die”

Posted: by The Editor

Death to all gatekeepers is the exact energy in Vial’s “Or Die.” Satisfying is the first feeling on the start of Vial’s new video, which smashes the patriarchy in every way imaginable. The Minneappolis four-piece re-recorded a single version of their previous track “DIY” from their fall release Grow Up, and then declared a new holiday celebrating it.

“Or Die” alone is a song that is as validating as as it is cathartic, punching up and in every direction that nonmen are vulnerable to as players in DIY. Compared to “DIY,” the fresh “Or Die” hits heavier and harder with each sonic hit.

The best part? The faux-blood soaked grin from bassist/resident yeller Kate that encapsulates the entire mood of the video forward.

The single and video for “Or Die” is available March 27 through Brace Cove Records.

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Amanda Starling | @starlingaj

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