Video Premiere: Unicorns at Heart—’Fixture’

Posted: by The Editor

The Monrovia, CA group Unicorns at Heart are the latest band to be featured in Dangerbird Records’ ‘Microdose Series,’ a tradition in which the L.A. label (Sebadoh, Swervedriver, Slothrust) drops seven-inches from small up-and-comers to boost their profile. The a-side of their edition is a song called “Fixture” that sounds kind of like a meld of Mercury Rev, Grandaddy and Built To Spill. It’s a swaying indie-rock tune that never really reaches a massive climax, but rather grooves methodically for a few minutes while its melody worms its way into your head. The accompanying video is a montage of the band playing in various rooms that’s kaleidoscopically overdubbed with other pieces of random found footage; fish swimming, feet walking, and what looks to be closeups of microscopic organisms.

Watch and listen below:

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