Video Premiere: Trü – “Connected”

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Trü is one of those bands from North Jersey that make me so proud of my hometown scene. Shredding guitars, beautiful melodies, and just that little bit of grit that you can only find in NJ (I think it’s something in the water). After releasing very cool EPs in 2016 and especially 2018’s Growing Pains, Trü are back with the new music that the world craves, starting with the single/music video for “Connected”.

“Connected”, the first single from Closer Than It Seems, showcases the things that make this band so interesting (FFO: Mineral, good Weezer, power pop), with some nice visuals to keep you along for the ride. The band have been working on this upcoming EP, for almost a year now, and given extra time with the pandemic, I know they put in the little extra magic to be super special. The entire EP was produced and tracked by their longtime collaborator and NJ DIY legend Max Rauch at Domestic Bliss Recording Studio, who also runs the Pizza Bagel Records label where this EP will be released. Closer Than It Seems will be available on all streaming services and will be released as a limited edition tape and lathe single.

Trü vary between different vocalists, but on “Connected” Keith Williams takes the lead, singing about “a songbird out of tune” over guitar blasts of his own as well as fellow guitarist Pat DeFrancisci , while bassist, Cindy Ward, and drummer, Steve Cerri, bring a rhythm that’ll have you bopping along. In the video, directed by John Cozz (the other half of Pizza Bagel Records), the band connect in the only way available in a world crushing pandemic, video chat! Each of the members, playing remotely add their own flavor and personality to the performance just like they do in the band. It’s a simile, allegory, comparison, fable, it means something.

Check out the video for “Connected” below, and get excited for more new music from Trü soon.

When asked about the headspace they were in when writing Closer Than it Seems, Pat replied, ““Just like all of our albums this one is deeply personal. It has happy songs about love, sad songs about loss and being lost, and everything in between. Closer Than It Seems means just that, it means during tough times the light at the end of the tunnel is closer than you think, it gives you a reason to live in the present and be present especially when we spend so much time gawking at what other people are doing and have done on the internet and social media. If I could wrap it up in a box with a bow I’d best describe the theme to be the defeatists perspective to a positive mentality.”

Closer Than It Seems is out 11/20 on Pizza Bagel Records and you can preorder it now on Bandcamp.


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