Video Premiere: Toy Cars – “Cold”

Posted: by The Editor

Toy Cars

Photo by Lora Ann Paulin

We’re pleased to be bringing forth the music video for “Cold” by Toy Cars. The New Jersey act is self-releasing their new record Paint Brain on January 12th of 2018. “Cold” explodes with emotional brevity and bright guitars, reeling in the sound of reflective nights with a song that wants to be the cold. Being releases in the dead of winter, Paint Brain and by reach, “Cold” is a hope to drive warmth into the music scene of New Jersey, full of rich acts and thriving sounds. Toy Cars are the next band to bring forth music that is meant to be sung late into the night, the backdrop of old friends coming together and never losing that innate relationship of trust and comfort.

“This song is pretty representative of a theme that lasts through the record. It’s about a relationship in which two people are clearly bored of their routine but continue existing together without any interruption, and while both think the same things, neither express their thoughts to the other.”

Pre-order Paint Brain here

Sean Gonzalez

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