Video Premiere: Top Nachos – “Donate 2 The Bands”

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Photo by Jeanette D. Moses

Top Nachos have always been pumping out amazing punk tracks non-stop, and “Donate 2 The Bands” is no exception. The video follows puppet forms of Eli (singer/guitar) and Kenny (drums) as they play their song and embark on an interesting trip. The track is packed with punk rock energy. Top Nachos have always demonstrated how much sound they can produce with just guitar, drums and vocals.

“Donate 2 The Bands” is a good play on the struggles that bands such as Top Nachos go through, playing DIY and small venues, asking to donate to the bands so they can feed themselves, get gas, and go play the next show. Top Nachos makes this relatable struggle fun and entertaining in this video, go watch it below!


Check out Top Nachos on their South by South Fresh Tour:

TOP Nachos Tour Dates:
March 5 – Kingston, NY – Tubby’s (with Shana Falana)
March 6 – Glasboro, NJ – 4333
March 7 – Richmond, NC – House Show
March 8 – Asheville, NC – Static Age Records
March 9 – Nashville, TN – The East Room
March 10 – Birmingham, AL – The Firehouse
March 11 – New Orleans, LA – Circle Bar
March 12 – Houston, TX – Super Happy Fun Land
March 13 – Laredo, TX – Cultura Beer Garden
March 14-21 – Austin, TX – SXSW (see updated schedule HERE)
March 21 – Denton, TX – Centon Country Brewing Company
March 22 – Fayetteville, AR – House Show
March 23 – St. Louis, MO – KWUR Week at Washington University
March 24 – Indianapolis, IN – State Street
March 25 – Bowling Green, OH – The Summit Shack
March 26 – Athens, OH – The New Happiness
March 28 – Philadelphia, PA – Trafmalfadore
April 3 – New York, NY – Lola Live
April 25 – Kingston, NY  – Tubbys w/ Dehd
May 15-17 – Montreal, QC – Pouzza Fest
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