Video Premiere: The Weak Days – ‘Juice: The Hero We Deserve’

Posted: by Henderson


Premiering the new The Weak Days‘ video for ‘Juice: The Hero We Deserve’ off their last EP Drowsy.

Tommy a member of our staff, a member of The Weak Days, and one of the stars of this video, wrote a bit about the wacky adventure that was filming this music video, and what the track is about:

Juice: The Hero We Deserve is a reference to a man named Juice who runs a pizza shop in SW Virginia who showed us kindness on our first tour; he was unapologetically himself and that was something we latched ourselves to as a goal. He goes above and beyond to support the community. He’s the guy who enthusiastically shows up to every city meeting, bake-sale, cookout, and gallery opening. He uplifts every room he walks in. He’s not pursuing cool points – he just is.

The song, and record, is about pursuing an unapologetic sense of self and ability to own that in adversity. The video is not that deep, or even fake deep. Just the treacherous journey for us to get some juice from the gas station. With lots of “extreme shots” and “edgy angles”, we wanted to make the worst mid-2000s skate edit possible like we grew up watching. Hopefully the marriage of us wanting to talk about some denser material is able to be heard over the unapologetic silliness we have in ourselves and brought to the video.

You can listen to more tracks from The Weak Days over on Bandcamp.

– Henderson